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../  Directory
chroot_scan/2020-Nov-24 19:11:55-- Directory
build-01535426.rsync.log2020-Nov-24 19:11:541.61K LOG File 19:11:551.63K SPEC File
backend.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:541005.00B GZ File
configs.tar.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:5516.80K GZ File
builder-live.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:5545.69K GZ File
state.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:55231.00B GZ File 19:11:5535.91K RPM File 19:11:55215.18K RPM File
success2020-Nov-24 19:11:554.00B NP//SUCCESS File
build.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:552.79K GZ File 19:11:5510.03K RPM File 19:11:5515.44K RPM File
build.info2020-Nov-24 19:11:5441.00B INFO File
hw_info.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:551.13K GZ File
root.log.gz2020-Nov-24 19:11:5535.30K GZ File
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