Index of /results/iucar/cran/fedora-31-x86_64/

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../  Directory
chroot_scan/2020-Jun-24 00:06:01-- Directory 00:06:1110.42K RPM File 00:06:11216.83K RPM File
build-01498526.rsync.log2020-Jun-24 00:06:101.61K LOG File 00:06:12500.87K RPM File
backend.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:321002.00B GZ File
configs.tar.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:0916.34K GZ File
builder-live.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:0855.04K GZ File
state.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:08233.00B GZ File 00:06:322.54K SPEC File
success2020-Jun-24 00:06:094.00B TOOLS//SUCCESS File
build.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:083.14K GZ File
build.info2020-Jun-24 00:06:3138.00B INFO File
hw_info.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:041.13K GZ File 00:06:13407.09K RPM File
root.log.gz2020-Jun-24 00:06:0843.39K GZ File
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